From The Desk of John Wodak


Recommended reading/viewing:

Movie “Indian Horse”; also the book on which it is based, by author Richard Wagamese (for his obituary and other book titles);
When Breath Becomes Air” by Paul Kalanithi;
The Third Industrial Revolution” by Jeremy Rifkin;
Blog “Susan on the Soapbox”  well worth reading regularly.



(all) Have a good summer!
(all) Watch developments on our website ( ) and forward interesting new material to Peter at


Agenda items for next meeting (September 11):

Guest speaker Aaron Paquette (Edmonton city councillor)
Elections for SALT’s 2018/2019 executive
SALT’s annual donations/memberships (PIA, Friends of Medicare and Parkland); suggestions for additions will be accepted/debated but not voted on until the September 25 meeting.
The state of respite care.