From the Desk of John Wodak: Obituary for Phylis Matousek

Phyllis was one of SALT’s founding members and our second Chairperson

Phylis_MatousekPhylis Matousek 2018

Obituary for Phylis Matousek

On August 23, 2018, Phylis Matousek of Edmonton passed away at the age of 93 years.

Phylis was born in Springfield, Missouri, USA. Phylis and her mother, Marie D. Cotton, moved to Los Angeles in the1930’s where she attended Los Angeles College, studying journalism until WWII, when she went to work in the war industries helping to build airplanes. There she met and married Richard L. Sweeney, a pilot and together they had two girls, Linda and Lora.

Phylis and her children moved to the desert community of Mojave, CA, where she worked as a secretary. There she met Leo Matousek, and they had a son Daniel. She then transferred to San Diego, CA as a journalist for the navy starting a military newspaper there, and later to Ventura, CA to start a newspaper for the naval base there. In 1963 she started the first “Places to Go and Eat” booklet in the county, innovating many of the things seen today in local doings circulars.

In 1973, she moved to Canada for the better opportunities for work and higher earnings for women. She then began a long career at the Edmonton Journal, eventually rising to the editor of the Arts and Leisure section of the paper. She worked there for almost 30 years before retirement.
Her retirement years were spent in activism, especially for Seniors. She and a small group of friends started SALT, Seniors Action Liaison Team in 1994. They mainly aimed at medical care for the entire country, especially seniors, demonstrating in front of the provincial capital even in the snow. They demonstrated at physician or representative gatherings, extolling Senior needs. She and her group are partially to thank for the universal medical system Canadians enjoy today.

She moved into the Lynwood Care facility where she passed away. She is survived by her daughters, Lora and Linda; and Lora’s son, Matthew Lowes.
The family especially thanks the Capital Care Lynwood facility and the Home Instead Company for all their work to assist Ms. Matousek during her time there.