From the Desk of John Wodak:Parkland Institute latest report released

Parkland Institute has just released its latest report. Written by economists Mark Anielski and Bob Ascah, Alberta’s Public Bank: How ATB Can Help Shape the New Economy looks at one of Alberta’s most important public assets, Alberta Treasury Branches (ATB).

The report traces the origins and history of this unique government-owned institution and draws out important lessons from this experience. It then looks at the role of public banks within the framework of the role of money and banking in a modern economy, and presents a series of policy recommendations on how ATB can best be utilized to help achieve Alberta’s social and economic goals.

Most importantly, the report calls for a broad public debate in the province on the future role of this critical Alberta institution.

“Few Albertans are aware of just how valuable to the province the existence of Alberta Treasury Branches could be,” explains co-author Bob Ascah. “As the owner of one of only two public banks in North America—and by far the largest—Alberta has a unique advantage over every other province in Canada that simply hasn’t been used to its full potential. It’s time Albertans had a conversation about what we want our bank to be in the 21st century.”

We encourage you to visit the Parkland website to read the report and today’s media release.