From the Desk of Peter Watkins: Climate Change Weekly Round up

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Howdy y’all:

My hope is to make this a regular weekly feature, time permitting.


This is to be a roundup of articles, media and other worthy items that delves into the very pressing problem of Climate Change; what is being said, investigated, researched etc by the heroes on the barricades of Climate Change mitigation and adaption.


If you are like me and the Pentagon and believe that CLIMATE CHANGE is an “urgent and growing threat to national security” and blames Climate Change for “increased natural disasters” that will require more troops designated to combat bad weather. (well that was before Trump impact of 2016, you know ie  “pulling out’ of the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015).


This is a follow up to a website I used to manage (currently on hiatus), where I amassed, collected and collated a variety of resources from around the web on the subject of Climate Change. (I even produced a few video segments with my son Spencer who was 7 at the time).


For those that might be interested to dive deeper into the subject then please by all means head over there, you’ll find the content at

Climate Change: How Skewed Are We… Really?


So let’s have at it!!!


The new batch as of the week ending Sept, 29, 2018


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