From the Desk of John Wodak:This 2019 Season of Lougheed College Lectures might be of interest to Salties.

The first lecture was by Sara Hastings-Simon (“director of Alberta clean energy economy program with the Pembina Institute”) discussed a “writ large’ version of CRITICAL THINKING which encompasses scientists (empirical bottom up studies and data collection), business approaches and regulators (Government). The latter two are people who begin with “the answers” but are involved with marketing and financing and getting people on side to implement.


She made an analogy with languages. Translators (who have worked in all three broad areas for a long time)) need to understand each other’s assumptions pattern’s of thinking (both at the sectorial level and individually), language usages and approaches and be capable of TRANSLATING from one to the other just like say translating between English, Spanish and German. (Note: those languages fall within the same language family). Translating is NOT just a matter of using a dictionary (transliteration) but involves in-depth lived experience and insightfulness.


The other lectures in this series involve elements of critical thinking writ large (to encourage understanding assumptions involved, what is omitted, and what is left to silence : “decision making”, “diversity” (In approaches writ large and how individual’s think (pragmatic, idealistic, analytic, ?), “mobilizing others to act”, “leading through change” and “ethics”.


Here is the web site for this lecture series, which is free and is held in Telus 150 lecture hall.


The List:


Lougheed College Lectures are part of our Topics in Leadership (INTD 306) on Monday evenings. These lectures are free and open to the public!

  • Oct. 15: Sara Hastings-Simon
  • Oct. 29: Ken Regan
  • Nov. 19: Drew Hayden-Taylor
  • Jan. 28: Marcia Nelson
  • Feb. 11: Bradley Clark
  • Mar. 4: Jana Pruden


Each lecture is from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at Telus Centre, room 150.

Here are some videos from past 2017 – 18 lectures to whet your appetite