More about Sir Roger From Blogger Emily Dee via the Desk of John Wodak

More about Sir Roger From Blogger Emily Dee via the Desk of John Wodak

Post from Friday, March 26, 2010

Roger Douglas Tells Stephen Harper and Preston Manning Not to Blink

Preston Manning outlines the ten basic components of what was then dubbed ‘Rogernomics’, after Roger Douglas spoke at the Reform Party’s 1991 Assembly.

‘The Politics of Structural Reform’
“Roger Douglas who led a major effort by Labour government to reduce public spending, personifies the fact that changing times and conditions the world over are breaking down the old categories of left and right in politics. His short list of ten guidelines for implementing structural reforms, particularly in the area of financial and economic policy, could help with the transition from Old Canada to New Canada.



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Emily Dee tended to vote Progressive Conservative. In Kingston, Flora MacDonald did a great job representing our interests, so it was a clear choice for me. However, when Peter Mckay betrayed the Party and made a deal with the devil to merge us with the Reform/Alliance; I opted out. In 2004 and 2006, I voted NDP, and still have a great deal of respect for the Party and it’s leader. However, if we really want to get this new Conservative Party out of office, before they totally destroy our integrity, I have to now back the party with the best chance of doing that. The Liberal Party of Canada. I am a Baby Boomer, having grown up through many periods of social upheavel. However, I believe that as a nation we have moved forward and I can no longer simply sit back and watch it be destroyed.