JANUARY 22 2018 “net zero-energy” project Guided Tour




— As a follow-up to his presentation on January 8, Gordon Howell has arranged for a group visit to two “net zero-energy” projects.

— The first project is a private home, 11123 – 75 Ave. (South Side), and the second is the Westmount Presbyterian Church (North Side, 13830 – 109A Ave.)

— We would start at 1:00pm with a tour of the first project, then travel to the second project.  We haven’t discussed how long the two tours would take, but a 3:00pm finish can probably be arranged.

— The travel options are: regular public transit; special bus from ETS; car pool.  After discussion, it was decided that car pooling would be most convenient if enough SALTies can provide a vehicle.  We therefore need to know:

— How many members are interested in attending?

— How many vehicles are available?

— Is there a convenient meeting point and time, for those who would have difficulty getting to the first site?

— Who would need to be picked up, and where?

— Is there any interest in meeting somewhere (e.g., SAGE?, Southgate?) for lunch?