[NOTE: Anyone who wishes to join the tours but was not at our January 8 meeting, please let me know. We would like to know how many people to expect. JW]

1.The first project is a private home, 11123 – 75 Ave. (South Side).

a.In order to minimize the inconvenience to the homeowner, we plan to meet at Edda Loomes’ home (11304 – 73 Avenue) at about 12:45, and proceed to the project all together, arriving at 1:00pm.

b.We have a tentative schedule for the visit, suggested by our guide, Gordon Howell: 13h00 Intro and welcome (2 minutes)

1. 13h02 Discuss the solar PV system on the roof, the windows, the landscaping (amount of time depends on air temperature) (8 minutes)

11.13h10 Go into the house entrance (2 minutes)

iii.13h12 Split into 2 groups (5 minutes)

iv.13h17 Group 1 stays on main level for tour of kitchen and living room (20 minutes) [passive solar space heating, solar illumination, energy efficiency, air conditioning, summertime heating, recycled materials in the countertop, kitchen cabinets, flooring)]

v.13h17 Group 2 goes down the basement stairs for tour of wine room and mechanical room (20 minutes) [space heating, domestic water heating, air heat recovery, drain water heat recovery]

vi.13h37 Switch the two groups around (3 minutes)

vii.13h40 Group 1 downstairs, group 2 upstairs (20 minutes)

ix.14h00 Leave the house and get into cars (5 minutes)


2.Travel to the second project, Westmount Presbyterian Church (North Side, 13830 – 109A Ave.).


a.We have a car pool with five volunteers: Aileen, Doris Anne, Gordon, Noel and John (Google says cars will take one-quarter the time of public transit).

b.The proposed schedule is:

i.14h20 Arrive at Westmount Presbyterian church and disembark (5 minutes)
ii.14h25 Intro and welcome, look at solar PV on outside (5 minutes)
iii.14h30 Go inside church and go downstairs (5 minutes)
iv.14h35 Look at geothermal system (15 minutes)
v.14h50 Miscellaneous Q&A (10 minutes)
iv.15h00 Tour ends, adjourn.


3.Miscellaneous information:

a.Access Edda’s home by public transit either by bus along 109 Street (City Centre to Southgate route) or by LRT to the McKernan-Belgravia stop.
b.If anyone has problems getting to Edda’s (or home after the tour), the car pool members may be willing to help (I can’t speak for them and my car is already full). Contact me or Edda for the nearest person.
c.Contact me by email if you would like copies of the handouts describing the two projects.
d.In case of problems on the day, my cell phone is 780-860-2838.
e.Any questions?