Follow-up to February 26 meeting


Recommended reading/viewing

Albert Politics and Daveberta for political blogs
John Bachynsky’s letter in the Globe & Mail (circulated separately)
(book)Oil and World Politics” by John Foster (second recommendation)

Future Events

March 5, 10am: All are welcome at the premiere of the PIA/FOM Senior Advocacy videos (featuring several SALTies!); ATA headquarters (11010 – 142 Street); Room 448

March 5, 7pm: Public lecture, “Canada’s Energy Future: The Path to Transition”; Earth scientist David Hughes; room 150, Telus Centre (U of A campus; 11104 – 87 Ave)

March 6, 7pm: PIA Citizens’ Forum in Red Deer: Health Care and Seniors; golden Circle Seniors’ Resource Centre, 4620 – 47a Ave., Red Deer (Watch for details of the other fora)

March 8, 7pm: Social Justice movie night at Westwood Unitarian Church; “Shameless Propaganda”

March 14, 6:30pm: Movie, “The Theory of Everything” (Bio of Stephen Hawking); Metro Cinema (8712 – 109 Street); free admission, free (small) popcorn

Agenda Item for the next meeting (March 12):

In your opinion:
What are the most probable issues in the upcoming provincial election?
What would be the ideal issues in the upcoming provincial election?
Should SALT be involved (Yes/No)? If “yes” then how?