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Even though this is amazing news you might not have heard about it as every major, private news provider didn’t deign to cover the good news. CBC was the only one. We did make a handy shareable graphic to spread the word though and if you have a minute we’d really appreciate it if you could share it on whatever social network you’re most active on.

CBC Reports:Benefits help slash Alberta’s child poverty rate Social Sharing Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn Economist Trevor Tombe says federal and provincial benefits have had a dramatic impact

The biggest, bestest good news story of last week was…
The revelation that child poverty in Alberta has been cut by 50 per cent since Rachel Notley and the Alberta NDP took power in 2015. This is amazing and it was on purpose and done with policies like:

  • $15 minimum wage
  • $25 a day daycare
  • Hot school lunches
  • Distributing $330 million from rich to poor in 2018-2019

Jason Kenney: Still really into class war on behalf of the rich
UCP: I guess we’ll hire more teachers if the price of oil goes up ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Also UCP: We’re cutting corporate taxes!

And while that article says he only “hints” at cutting corporate taxes we expect an announcement today where he will make it officially part of his campaign platform.

Big tax breaks for the richest Albertans and the wealthiest corporations while public education and public healthcare rot on the vine only to be eventually sold off for parts to those same rich folks and corporations. It’s the Alberta Advantage!

Stop Kenney campaign update

Huge personal news for us at Progress Alberta last week as we got our Stop Kenney text banking efforts off the ground last week! We had just under 50 volunteers in both Edmonton and Calgary chat with thousands of Calgary voters, identify hundreds of supporters, munch a bunch of pizza and make some new friends at our various text bank events.

We’d love to have you if you can make it out for an evening in Calgary and Edmonton. Once you’re trained up you can do it remotely as well. Pizza is provided and it’s actually a lot of fun. You just need a laptop.

In Edmonton we’re text banking on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights at our downtown office and in downtown Calgary on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Just reply back to this email to RSVP, we’d love to have you.

But if you can’t make it out we’d also love your support. We need cash to run these text banks. It costs money to pay for the texting and the software, the organizers and most importantly, the pizza. Got to keep those volunteers fed.

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