Progress Report #161


Progress Report #161
Your weekly update on Alberta politics for April 8, 2019

We’re just over a week away from the Alberta election, and while the polls are tightening up, Jason Kenney and the UCP are still in the lead.

If you’re among Alberta’s top earners, that’s great news for you, with Kenney promising to enact a number of tax cuts which more or less only apply to the wealthiest. But for the rest of us, it’s not looking great.

As an organization that sits firmly on the left we’re often a little disappointed by our more-centrist NDP government. But given the choice between the two–and the polls really are clear, in nearly every constituency in the province this thing is down to the UCP or the NDP–we firmly oppose Jason Kenney’s hard-right conservatism.

If you’d rather see Notley continue as Premier than see Kenney take over, time is running out to step up and volunteer. You can sign up with us through this form online. We’re reaching out to people across the province to explain what’s really at stake in this election and we could use your help!

On conservative talk radio, Kenney gets demolished

It’s not often that we share conservative talk radio but an episode of Charles Adler Tonight from last week stands as probably the most significant media piece of the entire election.

Adler counts himself as a long-time personal friend of Jason Kenney’s but was disgusted when Kenney announced he’d undo privacy protections around gay-straight-alliances by repealing the School Act. The final straw for Adler was when Kenney refused to eject his education critic, Mark Smith, after it was revealed that in 2013 Smith delivered a sermon where he argued that “gay love” isn’t real love and equated it with pedophilia.

Adler brought Kenney on his program to explain himself last Wednesday and the episode is remarkable. If you haven’t heard it yet you should check it out. Kenney was just thoroughly raked over the coals, without mercy.

If you’ve got conservative friends and family who won’t listen to you about this election, maybe they’ll listen to Mr. Adler. Share the episode widely.


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Jim Storrie