Progress Alberta Report #175

From the Desk of John Wodak

Progress Report #175
Your weekly update on Alberta politics for July 15, 2019

Disability funding suddenly disappears

Has the UCP quietly cut funding for persons with developmental disabilities?

Inclusion Alberta, a non-profit advocating for children and adults with developmental disabilities, is warning that an alarming number of families are being denied PDD and also FSCD (family supports for children with disabilities) funding by Kenney’s new government.

Star Edmonton reported on this over the weekend–relaying stories of families who have been told their funding is frozen, ‘on hold,’ or that all of a sudden they no longer meet the government’s requirements.

According to the Star report, non-profit Autism Calgary says they’ve heard from families that the government is clamping down on applicants with a new “higher level of scrutiny” which is making it much harder, and making it take much longer, to access support.

It’s a grim situation for families that have had the proverbial rug yanked out from underneath them, and a signal of just how deep the coming austerity is going to cut. But what’s most disturbing about it is that there was no official announcement. The funding just… disappeared.

Actions this week

There are a few time-sensitive actions this week you should know about.

First, if you or a family you know has been impacted by the disappearing PDD and FSCD funding mentioned above, Inclusion Alberta wants to hear from you.Please write to them at the email address here on their website. If you know other folks who access PDD or FSCD funding please share that link with them, too.

The Health Sciences Association of Alberta is organizing an information picket on Bill 9, the UCP legislation that breaks collective agreements with nurses and teachers, at the University of Alberta hospital in Edmonton today from 12:00pm to 2:00pm. If you’re free, join the rally at the east side of the hospital on 112th St. (facing the Tim’s.)

Organizers in Calgary are trying to push back against the sudden lurch towards austerity that has already put $60 million in budget cuts before city council. The group is called the Calgary Alliance For the Common Good and if you want to support their campaign, take the first step by joining their pressure campaign targeting city council–details here.

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