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US celebrates 50th anniversary of moon landing

A moonstruck nation celebrated the 50th anniversary of humanity’s first footsteps on another world Saturday, gathering in record heat at races and other festivities to commemorate Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s “giant leap.”

By NASA – NASA Human Space Flight Gallery (image link), Public Domain,

At NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, cars were backed up for miles outside the visitor complex at opening time. In Armstrong’s hometown of Wapakoneta, Ohio, nearly 2,000 runners competed in “Run to the Moon” races.

“We’re celebrating the 50th anniversary of perhaps the most historic event in my lifetime, maybe in anybody’s lifetime, the landing on the moon,” said 10K runner Robert Rocco, 54, of Centerville, Ohio. “The ’60s were very turbulent. But that one bright wonderful moment was the space program.”

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The Infinite Monkey Cage

BBC 4 Radio Presentation of Brian Cox and Robin Ince who celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landings and are joined by some of the key players from the extraordinary Apollo program.