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Progress Report #178
Your weekly update on Alberta politics for August 6, 2019

Congratulations, billionaires! Jason Kenney’s corporate tax cuts are buoying the profits of Alberta’s biggest corporations, like CNRL, which is paying out big time to shareholders like billionaire Murray Edwards. 

CNRL isn’t hiring much in the way of new workers with its windfall, but it is buying back its own stock and cranking up the dividends to its owners. A small handful of folks including Edwards will ‘earn’ millions more this year, and in his particular case it’s sure to be a nice complement to the $290+ million that he and his co-Calgary-Flames owners just wrang out of Calgary’s municipal government.

Condolences, everyone else! 

Condolences to parents and students who are scrambling after Alberta’s beloved Rutherford Scholarship suddenly and without notice stopped accepting applicants. UCP Minister for Advanced Education Demetrios Nicolaides says it’s an IT problem and that scholarship applications will be held up until ‘late fall.’ Sounds like ‘after the federal election,’ the same point to which everything seems to be getting delayed these days.

Condolences to physicians trying to provide harm reduction services, who in an utterly dystopian turn are having to turn to GoFundMe to crowd-fund supervised consumption sites in Calgary. All funding to new supervised consumption sites in Alberta is on hold while the UCP government, who more or less campaigned against the sites during the election, subjects them to review.


  • Spotted this week at Edmonton’s Heritage Festival: a distressingly militarized police presence. Officers were seen patrolling Hawreluk Park with carbines. Seems a bit much–I don’t recall seeing police at all at the similar and more heavily-attended Taste of Edmonton last month, let alone cops with long guns and tactical gear–but maybe the Festival had some Armed Insurgent pavilion I didn’t hear about.

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Jim Storrie