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Friday, August 16, 2019


The Federal Government released a national report today on the bilateral agreements related to child care for the provinces and territories (report). The report reviews the progress so far in each province. In Alberta, 994 children enrolled in 83 early learning and child care centers whose parents paid $25 per day or less. As well, the average pre-schooler fees across Edmonton dropped 6% in 2018 according to the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. In total, Alberta received over 45 million in federal funding in order to expand the $25/day program across the province.

This report has limited information in terms of the impact of the $25/day program compared to the other provinces so we will look forward to future reports for more information. Now is the time to ensure our provincial government is reminded that accessible quality child care is still important to Albertans. Please take a moment to sign the Fair Start petition

In Solidarity,

Siobhán Vipond

Secretary Treasurer

Alberta Federation of Labour

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