Jagmeet Singh in Edmonton at 10:30 a.m on Saturday August 24, 2019.

Jagmeet Singh Leader of the New Democratic Party

Jagmeet Singh in Edmonton at 10:30 a.m on Saturday August 24, 2019.  

Hannah Iland from the office of Jagmeet Singh in Ottawa has contacted me to help set up a meeting with Jagmeet Singh in Edmonton at 10:30 a.m on Saturday August 24, 2019.  

She received my contact information from Erica Bullwinkle who recommended me as a contact for pharmacare and Friends of Medicare.

Specifically, Jagmeet’s office is asking me to find volunteers who can speak about the need for pharmacare in Canada, and also the need for our universal health care system.  Please read Hannah’s message included below mine for details.

I am appealing to all members of the Alberta Pharmacare Working Group, of which Friends of Medicare is a member, and under whose umbrella we ran our Alberta Pharmacare Campaign.  As well as to all Board members of the Friends of Medicare.

We do not have much time to pull this together.  

Amal from Jagmeet’s office in Ottawa is phoning me at 11 a.m. to begin discussion on setting up the Edmonton meeting.

Off the top of my head I would think we need to find the following people to participate

  1. Paramedics – who can describe their experiences taking people to emergency rooms in hospitals, because those people have not been taking their prescription medication.  I understand diabetics fall into this category.  And more than 400 diabetics die every year due to non adherence.
  2. Diabetic People– who can talk about the various prescription medications they need to take and how cost is a deterrent.
  3. Seniors and Other People experiencing difficulty obtaining prescription medication, due to cost.
  4. Nurses working in Emergency Rooms who deal directly with patients who have not taken their prescription medication.  One nurse at the AFL Winter School told me she often sends patients home with “sample” medication so that they have something to take when they get home.
  5. Seniors who remember the days before the medicare act was passed in 1966, and therefore know the struggles faced before we had a universal health care system  
  6. Precarious workers who have no benefit coverage, and therefore have to cover the cost of prescription medication out of their own pockets.
  7. LPN’s and other health care workers– who work in seniors assisted living facilities and see directly the costs that seniors face in taking care of their health – I understand from AUPE members who visited our pharmacare table at their 2018 convention, that there are extra charges added on to prescription costs for delivery in these facilities.
  8. Prescription drug users high cost medication – people who require prescription medication that is extremely expensive for a variety of diseases.  For example, like MS, which afflicts younger people, and I am told costs for medication total $30,000 in one year.

Please contact me by email or by phone ( (780) 423-4581 )as soon as possible, with any suggested contact information for the above, so that we have people to call to participate.   Or let me know if you personally wish to participate.

Thank You.

Judy Lederer

President, Edmonton Area Council, Congress of Union Retirees of Canada

Secretary, Executive Board, Friends of Medicare

Tel: (780) 423-4581

Email: judy.lederer@hotmail.com