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Will you take a stand for public services?

The provincial government is set to release their budget on October 24 — right after the federal election. They have taken a stand, and it’s not for working Albertans and their families. They’re standing for wealthy corporations by giving them tax cuts, appointing their large donors to boards and commissions, and turning to private interest groups and pro-privatization think tanks for political cover to pursue their agenda of cuts, deregulation, and privatization.

We all need to pick a side. We need to stand up for our public services and for working Albertans to ensure we all have access to the services we need and rely on. Let’s stand together to protect our public services. Will you join us?

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2019 Alberta Low Wage Data

Every year, Public Interest Alberta releases data we obtain from Statistics Canada to shine a light on the lowest wage workers in our province. Did you know over 60% of Alberta workers earning minimum wage or less are women? Find out more about low-wage workers across Alberta and in seven regions → 

Press coverage about our annual low wage data has appeared on CTV NewsThe Danielle Smith Show, and The Medicine Hat News. Check back on the page to press coverage updates.

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Our Executive Director Joel French on the Alberta Advantage Podcast

Alberta’s minimum wage is now “frozen,” which means it will slowly be eroded by inflation. How many minimum- or low-wage workers are there in Alberta, and what do they look like? Joel French, Executive Director of Public Interest Alberta, joins Team Advantage to examine the consequences of the wage freeze, consider who’s affected, discuss the realities of low-wage housing, and think on what to do about that pesky 1%. Listen here → 

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From the Alberta Federation of Labour:

Top 10 lies and distortions the UCP is using to justify cuts

Arm yourself against the “avalanche of bulls#%t ” the Kenney government is about to dump on our province

The Kenney government is about to make devastating cuts to education, health care and other vital public services that Albertans rely upon … based on distortions and outright lies about things like public-sector spending and public-sector wages. 

“If a government has bad information, they’re going to end up making bad policy decisions. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what’s happening with the UCP right now,” says Gil McGowan, president of the Alberta Federation of Labour.

As a service to Albertans, the AFL has prepared a list of the top 10 lies and distortions being used by the UCP to support their political narrative that there is no alternative to deep cuts. Read more →

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Sign the petition to #KeepAlbertaStrong

#KeepAlbertaStrong is a campaign and coalition designed to protect key programs and benefits such as the Alberta Child Benefit, affordable transit, family & community support services, social assistance rates and more. Will you help them to reach their goal of 1000 signatures? Sign the petition →

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The Calgary Alliance for the Common Good

Founding Assembly

October 17 at 7pm Knox United Church 506 4 St SW Calgary

The Calgary Alliance for the Common Good is a non-partisan and non-profit alliance of congregations, unions, school and community groups in Calgary representing more than 30,000 people.  These organizations came together to form the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good in order to organize the power of our communities to shape a just and compassionate city.

The mission of the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good is:

  • To create a broad-based shared organization that is as diverse as Calgary, building relationships among organizations and people from the various community, ethnic, non-profit, labour, and religious groups.
  • To strengthen our member organizations and their leaders to develop a healthy and effective civic life.
  • To use the principles and techniques of community organizing to effectively address the real issues facing Calgarians and our member organizations.

RSVP for the Founding Assembly here →

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