Rachel Notley:My thoughts on the Federal Election

With the federal election coming up on Monday, I wanted to share my thoughts about the race in Edmonton-Strathcona with you.

Like many provincial politicians across the country, my intention in this federal election had been to stay on the sidelines.

However, with the emerging possibility of a federal government led by Conservative Andrew Scheer and supported by the separatist Bloc, I am deeply concerned for the future of our country. Mr. Scheer’s plans with respect to rolling back action on climate change, making massive cuts to federal spending that would hurt Canadian families, and tolerating divisive anti-choice, homophobic and xenophobic views within his party, are deeply troubling.

Jason Kenney has worked very hard to hide his upcoming budget from Albertans and Canadians. But today we are learning that universities are bracing for cuts of 25% over three years, and other key regulatory agencies are planning for rollbacks of 18% in one year alone. Jason Kenney did not come clean on cuts of this magnitude in the last election. They will hurt people. I am deeply concerned that Canadians will experience the same from a Scheer Conservative government.

In my riding of Edmonton-Strathcona, it is clear that only one candidate can beat the Conservatives. That candidate is Heather McPherson for Edmonton Strathcona.

It is well known that I disagree with Jagmeet Singh on energy policy. That disagreement has not disappeared, nor has my resolve to challenge him on these matters. However, it is also my view that there is no parliamentary makeup that will allow Mr. Singh to assert those views. A minority government brings us the possibility of a national pharmacare program, a national dental-care program and, at long last, real progress on establishing a national childcare program. These are important to me, and they are important to many Albertans.

I know Heather McPherson to be an articulate woman of integrity, intelligence, determination and competence. I know she understands the importance of the energy industry to Albertans. I know she will stand up in parliament, and in her caucus, to ensure Alberta’s perspective is heard – not just by those who agree with us but also by those who do not.

Last Monday, I voted for Heather McPherson. This Monday I urge voters in Edmonton-Strathcona to do the same.



Rachel Notley, Leader
Alberta’s New Democrats

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