Parkland Institute:Is Alberta’s public sector overpaid and oversized? (Spoiler: no)

Tomorrow afternoon, Alberta’s UCP government will table its first provincial budget. Given the recommendations contained in the MacKinnon report, there is widespread concern that Alberta will face cuts not seen since the Klein era of the 1990s.

Ahead of tomorrow’s budget, Parkland Institute has released a new report by University of Lethbridge economist Richard Mueller that challenges one of the MacKinnon report’s findings: that Alberta’s public sector is larger and has higher compensation levels compared to other provinces.

“Put simply, Alberta does not stand out in any way relative to the other three large provinces, both in terms of the size of its public sector size and its compensation,” Mueller says. “Alberta has actually tended to have a smaller public sector compared to other jurisdictions using certain measures. Similarly, the compensation levels of Alberta’s public employees does not stand out when compared to other provinces. In fact, Alberta’s public sector employees tend to earn relatively less than their counterparts in other jurisdictions, especially when the fact that Alberta is a high-wage province is considered.”

We hope you’ll take the time to read Scrutinizing Alberta’s Public Sector: How Its Size and Compensation Compare to Other Jurisdictions and share it with your networks. You can also read this morning’s media release.

As in previous years, be sure to keep an eye out for Parkland’s analysis of the budget in the coming days.

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