Public Interest Alberta:We knew the budget would be bad news for public services, but this is something else…

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Resist the UCP’s brutal cuts to public services

The UCP government has released their provincial budget. No wonder they waited until after the federal election to release it — the cruelty of their cuts seems almost boundless. They’ve made cuts to AISH and supports for disabled Albertans, threatened universal drug coverage for seniors, and revealed plans to slash $2,000 per student at the post-secondary level. 

Balancing the budget on the backs of the poor, the disabled, the sick, and the young is an absolute outrage.

Our public services deserve to be strengthened, not cut. We must stand together to protect our public services. Will you join us?

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Budget makes cuts that will hurt all Albertans and worsens severe revenue shortage

Alberta’s provincial budget has been released and contains cuts (in some cases by not funding inflation and population growth) across many areas of public services.

“Albertans know that cuts hurt, and with cuts to nearly everything, all Albertans are going to feel the pain,” said Joel French, Executive Director of Public Interest Alberta. “At the same time, the wealthiest corporations are getting a big tax cut, benefiting their already-wealthy shareholders around the world. This budget makes all Albertans pay to make the rich even richer.” Read our media release → 

Press coverage of our reaction to the provincial budget has appeared on The Danielle Smith ShowAlberta PrimetimeEdmonton JournalCityNews and more.

Petition from LeadNow
Kenney: Reverse your handouts to corporate billionaires

“This is outrageous. Premier Jason Kenney just gave a $4.5 billion tax break to rich corporations — like his friends in the oil and gas industry.1

At the same time, he cut billions from vital services that families rely on, including education, healthcare, and support for seniors.2,3 Kenney is literally stealing from the poor to give to the rich.

If a massive groundswell of us sign a petition demanding Kenney to reverse the tax breaks, we can blow the lid on on his abuse of power — and it could tip the balance and force him to backtrack on his tax breaks for big business. But to have impact, we have to make it massive.” Read more →

Parkland Institute’s Post-mortem on the 2019 Alberta Budget

November 5, at 4:30pm – 6:30pm
Telus Centre Room 150,

111 St & 87 Ave University of Alberta

Join Parkland Institute to hear from an expert panel representing major segments of Alberta society to inform members of the public, students, faculty, and university staff of the important implications of the budgetary measures announced on the 24th.

This free event is co-sponsored by Parkland Institute; the Economics Society of Northern Alberta; and Policy Studies, Department of Political Science, University of Alberta. Read more & RSVP →

Friends of Medicare is looking for your story on the Senior Drug Benefit

The provincial government is cutting non-senior dependents off of the Seniors Drug Benefit to save a few bucks in their budget.

What kinds of households are impacted? Here’s an example: A husband is a few years older than his wife. The husband has better drug coverage from his work plan, but has just turned 65, is now retiring and will need to rely on the government plan. The wife is only 62 and works at a job with no benefits. Her husband’s work plan has always covered her. But now that he’s retiring and moving to the government plan, the UCP government’s cuts means she doesn’t have coverage anymore. The couple will need to pay out of pocket for her prescription drugs.

Does this affect you? Send Friends of Medicare your story.