Pharmacare Letter – to send to new federal minister of health – the honourable Patty Hajdu

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Please find attached a revised Pharmacare letter, which we are distributing among our APWG members.  

This letter is now addressed to the Honourable Patty Hajdu, Minister of Health in Ottawa.

I have so far, in the past 2 weeks, collected 190 of these letters signed at various CURC Pharmacare Tables held at the UNA AGM, and the Parkland Institute Conference.

Please circulate this letter among your membership(s).

We hope to collect more than 300 letters in the next few weeks, to be mailed when parliament begins its first session, in order to keep up the pressure on the federal liberal minority government to implement a national pharmacare program.

I also attach a sample pharmacare letter than can be used to send to your members’ MP’s in Alberta.  

Last year we mailed over 600 letters to the federal health minister, in addition to mailing letters that reached all 34 Alberta MP’s.

There are now 8 new Alberta MP’s – ready to receive our letters, and know that Albertans want to see a national pharmacare program implemented.

Our next Alberta Pharmacare Working Group meeting is planned for December 10, 2019 at 1 pm in the offices of the Friends of Medicare.

You are welcome to bring any signed letters to this meeting.  

I will ensure that envelopes are prepared, and the letters mailed.

Judy Lederer

President, Edmonton Area Council, Congress of Union Retirees of Canada

Pharmacare Sample Letter to Federal Minister of Health 2019

Pharmacare Sample Letter to Your Member of Parliament