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Our democracy and public services are under attack

The Alberta government is attacking the public interest from so many angles, it can be hard to keep up. We’ve seen kamikaze campaigns, donor scandals, the election commissioner fired, and their friends appointed to boards and commissions. They’re chilling free speech and dissent with a war room. They’re ramming through legislation to curtail the power of unions at the bargaining table.

They’re slashing essential public services, including a particularly cold-hearted move to reduce the age young people transitioning out of provincial care can access government support in this critical developmental and highly vulnerable time. And just today, we learned they are laying off 750 nurses.

Our public services deserve to be strengthened, not cut. We must stand together to protect our public services. Will you join us?

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‘Tis the season! Join us and our partner organizations for our Holiday Open House!

No RSVP is required and all are welcome! Come and learn about what we’ve been up to over the past year, and network with activists and advocates. More details here.

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PROTECT PUBLIC EDUCATION FROM THE MARKET AGENDA: Respond to the Alberta government’s “choice in education” survey

The issue:

The government has asked Albertans for input on plans for legislation to “protect and enhance education choice within Alberta’s education system.”

The concerns:

“Choice” is a powerful concept. We all want to make our own choices and be in control of our own lives. But the rhetoric of “choice” as it relates to our public services conceals an ulterior motive under its façade of empowerment – one of privatization and removing public funding in favour of private and individualized programs, which erode our ability to collectively provide universal access to high-quality education for all children.

After all, when the government is seeking to enshrine the “right to choose” for students to go to exclusive private schools where the tuition for one child can be more than some people earn in a year, all while the province provides those private schools 70% of the funding it does to the public system, whose “choice” are they prioritizing? It is certainly not the “choices” of working families who don’t get the right to access high-quality education for their children at their nearby neighbourhood school because of increasingly underfunded classrooms. Read our analysis here →

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The Aspen Foundation is hiring a part-time Outreach Coordinator!  Learn more →

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Apply for the Oxfam Summit, March 21 – 24, 2020

The Oxfam Summit is a multi-day training that will bring together 40 activists and community leaders to Ottawa on March 21-24, 2020. It is followed by the Day of Action where participants take all they’ve learned and put those skills into immediate action.

Participants will strengthen the ropes of solidarity across social movements by sharing knowledge, building ties with other activists from all across the country and gaining important skills together. They’ll get to use their power to lift up communities, by learning and practicing key advocacy tools, developing knowledge from the training provided by topic experts and discovering new ways to help create a just world without poverty and inequality. Learn more and apply 

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