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I’m angry that the profit motive was brought into our provincial long-term care system, and now private companies are profiting from neglect. I support these healthcare workers, their unions and the elderly people in our communities. We need a better long-term care system now.

Sarah Harmer, artist, activist.
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New Feature: News from the front lines in Seniors’ LTC, Inspired by Carol Wodak founding member of CITIZEN WATCH

BACKGROUNDER: CITIZEN WATCH was created as a public service for the people of Alberta.  It was the work of an ever-widening network of individuals from across the province, including families and friends of long term care and assisted or supportive living residents and those requiring long term care supports in their own homes. CITIZEN WATCH WEBSITE 

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Main Headline:

Nursing homes a ‘perfect storm’ for COVID-19 in Alberta, nursing expert says

New diseases can spread like ‘wildfire,’ according to a U of A professor

In dealing with a new illness such as the COVID-19 pandemic, nursing homes and care centres can be a recipe for disaster, according to one University of Alberta expert.

Donna Wilson, a nursing professor at the U of A, said early efforts made to prevent infections from getting into nursing homes and long-term care facilities were important. But she added that once an infection does get in, the crowding, the sometimes low number of staff, and the older residents inside who are vulnerable to illnesses and infections create ideal conditions for the disease to spread.

“This is where COVID would hit the hardest and be the most serious,” Wilson told Edmonton AM on Wednesday.

“To survive COVID, you either have to have had such a small dose of the virus that your body wasn’t really overwhelmed by it and you have to have enough good health to be able to overcome it.”

The Good Samaritan Southgate Care Centre in Edmonton has been the site of a recent COVID-19 outbreak in Edmonton.

Fifteen residents at the centre have died.

The facility has 184 residents with 48 active cases among residents and 16 among staff as of Tuesday afternoon.

Alberta Health Services is working with the centre to offer oversight and leadership. The centre is waiting on results for COVID-19 testing completed for a second time last week on all asymptomatic residents.

South Edmonton care centre reports 3 more COVID-19 deaths, total now 15

The news came after a report in June from the Canadian Institute for Health Information showed Alberta had the fourth-highest proportion of COVID-19 deaths at long-term care facilities among Canadian provinces.

The long-term care facility deaths account for 73 per cent of total COVID-19 deaths in the province.

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2015 Before It’s Too Late: A National Plan for Safe Seniors’ Care

In keeping with the guiding principles of the Canada Health Act, seniors’ care must be equitable and inclusive across Canada.

This means we need a national plan for safe seniors’ care, with long-term, dedicated funding and effective enforcement mechanisms.

This plan must include a new standard which takes an integrated approach to seniors’ care, considering the whole person, their diverse background and history, with the objective of improving the overall quality of seniors’ lives. Since most seniors want to age in their homes, we need to help them stay in their homes longer by providing funding for both short-term and long-term home care services.

This not only benefits seniors, it is by far the most cost-effective strategy. In both home care and long-term care facilities, we need a stable workforce, adequate staffing levels and an appropriate staff mix.

Before It’s Too Late – The Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions 2015

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