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Long-Term Care Today

Canadians have for years been turning a blind eye to the state of long-term care homes across the country and ignoring the growing question of how to care for the elderly, says one doctor.

Samir Sinha Director of Geriatrics Sinai Health
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New Feature: News from the front lines in Seniors’ LTC, Inspired by Carol Wodak founding member of CITIZEN WATCH

BACKGROUNDER: CITIZEN WATCH was created as a public service for the people of Alberta.  It was the work of an ever-widening network of individuals from across the province, including families and friends of long term care and assisted or supportive living residents and those requiring long term care supports in their own homes. CITIZEN WATCH WEBSITE 


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Risk Factors Associated With Mortality Among Residents With Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Long-term Care Facilities in Ontario, Canada

18 May 2020 Old money Tortoise Thousands of care home residents are dying from Covid-19, and staff are on minimum wage. But in the background, big profits are being made. Ian Birrell investigates a broken industry

Long-Term Care Challenges Europe 2018

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Long-term-care workers protest staffing levels at St. John’s homes

Workers in long-term-care homes in St. John’s say they’ve been running on fumes throughout the pandemic, and are getting burned out due to low staffing levels.

Staff at St. Luke’s and the Agnes Pratt Home staged a demonstration during their lunch break on Wednesday to protest their working conditions.

The workers said they’ve been denied vacation time, have been asked to work on days off, and worked shifts without a full staffing complement.

“It’s beyond a breaking point, actually. These staff, they’re tired of being tired,” said their union leader, Jerry Earle, president of the Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Public and Private Employees.

Earle said staff members are sick of their phones ringing during their days off. In some cases, he said, people have been mandated to work on days off, rather than having it left up to them.

Long-term-care homes faced stiff restrictions during the height of the pandemic in the province. Families were not allowed in to visit their loved ones. Staffing levels have long been a complaint among long-term-care homes, and family members would often provide care to loved ones that staff members didn’t have time for. 

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