Now we should pay more attention about global warming. Due to global warming, too much rain some area. Some area dry. So these people suffer. Particularly like in Africa and some area in India and China also.

Dalai Lama
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Earth Is Barreling Toward a ‘Hothouse’ State Not Seen in 50 Million Years

As plant and animal species died en masse, tiny undersea amoebas called forams continued to reproduce, building sturdy shells out of calcium and other deep-sea minerals, just as they had for hundreds of millions of years. When each foram inevitably died – pulverized into seabed sediment – they kept a little piece of Earth’s ancient history alive in their fossilized shells.

For decades, scientists have studied those shells, finding clues about the ancient Earth’s ocean temperatures, its carbon budget and the composition of minerals spilling through the air and seas.

Now, in a new study published today (Sept. 10) in the journal Science, researchers have analyzed the chemical elements in thousands of foram samples to build the most detailed climate record of Earth ever – and it reveals just how dire our current climate situation is. 

The new paper, which comprises decades of deep-ocean drilling missions into a single record, details Earth’s climate swings across the entire Cenozoic era – the 66-million-year period that began with the death of the dinosaurs and extends to the present epoch of human-induced climate change.

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Beware of climate delay, masquerading as climate action

Slow-walking action on climate has almost the same impact as outright denial

As political leaders face growing calls for climate action, we must be careful to understand where investments in technological development are, in fact, a form of climate delay, masquerading as action. 

A set of recent announcements around the development of a hyperloop train between Calgary and Edmonton and small modular reactors (SMRs) in Alberta were framed as a step forward in climate action.

But a closer consideration of the technologies involved, and the gap in the deployment of other, more realistic technologies, shows it’s better understood as a form of climate delayism. 

Unlike outright climate denial, “climate delay” acknowledges the reality of a changing climate and the role of carbon emissions from human activity in climate change. But instead of actively working to deal with the issue, it seeks to create a debate about what should be done, who is responsible, and how we should allocate costs and benefits.

The end goal is to significantly delay action to reduce emissions. 

It is an effective strategy. Slow-walking action on climate has almost the same impact as outright denial. Ensuring we remain bogged down in discussion means little actually happens, while leaders can claim they are taking action on climate. 

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