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Every afternoon she takes a CBD and a very small amount of THC. She tells me that the soft gels really help with her pain — she has arthritis. She sleeps well, but her health-care workers tell me that for them it’s her mood. In the afternoon, she’s happy and kind and loving. They just have fun in the afternoon because she just feels better … She tells me that it is improving the quality of her life.

Hilary Black is the chief advocacy officer Canopy Growth Corp Study on use of medical cannabis by seniors in long-term care facilities across Ontario
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The Lead:

Why did B.C. have far fewer COVID-19 deaths in long-term care than Ont.?

A new study says quicker, more decisive action against COVID-19 in British Columbia is one of the reasons the province has suffered far fewer long-term care deaths than Ontario.

Analysis published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal also points to less funding, more privatization and less co-ordination between homes and hospitals as factors that drove spread of the novel coronavirus among Ontario’s most vulnerable.

One of the paper’s authors, Dr. Irfan Dhalla of St. Michael’s Hospital and the University of Toronto, says there’s already been a worrying rise in infections as parts of Ontario grapple with a second wave.

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CAREWATCH is Inspired by Carol Wodak founding member of CITIZEN WATCH

BACKGROUNDER: CITIZEN WATCH was created as a public service for the people of Alberta.  It was the work of an ever-widening network of individuals from across the province, including families and friends of long term care and assisted or supportive living residents and those requiring long term care supports in their own homes. CITIZEN WATCH WEBSITE 


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