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Although the cannabis patients have been using it consistently for at least a year, we have not found that their cognitive function is lower than of people similar to them in age and background.

Dr. Sharon Sznitman & Dr. Galit Weinstein, Haifa University’s School of Public Health researchers
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Alberta NEWS

Grandparents need their own back-to-school safety rules

Back-to-school time and a surge in COVID-19 cases Canada-wide signals time for precautions between grandparents and grandchildren.

As their grandchildren head back to school, Bob and Wendy McKenzie will be closely monitoring the children’s health.

“If they get ill, we won’t be able to visit,” said Bob. “We’ve chatted about it with our kids. It’s a concern, sending the children to school.”

The family was able to keep their circle contained over the summer, going to the lake and joining extended family in Beaverlodge. But now that the three Edmonton grandchildren are back in class, the family bubble is breached.

And that places the older generation back on alert, for potential exposure to COVID-19.

While the McKenzie’s are aware of the potential risk, they feel the best situation for the children is returning to school.

“We don’t know what the new normal is going to be like,” Bob said. “School is the best place–they have the facilities set up to minimize the virus.”

But as seniors are the most vulnerable to COVID-19, it’s a concern for the medical community and grandparents who live with their grandchildren.

Children can carry a large viral load, even though they may show mild to no symptoms, stressed Dr. Iris Gorfinkel, a physician and seniors’ advocate in Toronto.

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World NEWS

Trump Makes Appeal to Seniors as Polls Show Them Abandoning Him

President Donald Trump posted a video on Twitter appealing to senior voters, noting he’s a senior himself, as polls show the demographic tide turning against him in favor of Democrat Joe Biden.

“To my favorite people in the world, the seniors — I’m a senior!” said Trump, 74. “We are making tremendous progress with this horrible disease that was sent over by China.”

Quinnipiac University poll of Florida released Wednesday found that Biden had an 11-point lead following Trump’s widely criticized performance in their first debate and the president’s Covid-19 diagnosis. Voters 65 and older are a major influence in the Sunshine State’s elections.

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