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Most Albertans are not happy with the home care that they’re getting because it’s very much a task-driven model. Somebody’s come in to give the senior a bath (but) if that senior needs additional support and it’s not on the checklist, they don’t get it.

Fred Franchuk is co-owner of Home Instead Senior Care 
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Coach says 96-year-old ‘crushing it’ every week in CrossFit class

Retired doctor needed to build strength after stroke 2 years ago

Dr. Bill Mason celebrated his 96th birthday this week doing deadlifts in his CrossFit class.

He also worked in some shoulder presses, sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups and a 200-metre row.

Not bad for a guy who until recently had never lifted a weight.

“I find that the time sort of hangs heavy on one’s hands at this stage in life. And I’m very interested in finding something new that’s different – that’s why I’m here.”

Two years ago, Mason suffered a stroke. His brain function was not impacted, but his body was. He became unsteady on his feet and needed a cane to get around.

“I figured out that part of the wobbliness was that I was very weak. It wasn’t so much a neurological deficit, but I figured if I could get the strength component dealt with, then I would be less wobbly.”

Coach Mike Ives, co-owner of CrossFit 782, is amazed at the progress Mason has made.

“We’ve actually seen pretty significant progress with him even in the last five weeks. He has been using his cane a lot less, even through the workouts where he used to have to hold on to a post and do any kind of dumbbell work. Now he’s just standing free and clear,” he said.

“The guy’s amazing.”

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World NEWS

Pele at 80: Where does he rank among the GOATs?

Editors Note:No 1# in my book!!!

No matter how old you are, or who you grew up watching, one man has long dominated the debate about just who was the greatest footballer of all time.

From World Cup glory at 17 to Escape to Victory theatrics via 1,000 goals, Gordon Banks’ save, and outrageous dummies, Pele has been a walking, talking showreel for more than half a century.

Was he the finest player to ever grace the game – or are the modern-day superstars a cut above?

As Pele turns 80, BBC Sport asks you to rate his achievements among some of the other GOATs (from this list) – and you can put them in order at the bottom…

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