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Right now, 24 per cent of Vancouver’s homeless population are seniors. I think that’s a trickle. I think we’re gonna start to see a flood. I feel really sad and shocked that there hasn’t been a plan put in place, knowing that with this baby boomer generation we’re just scraping the surface..

Jenny Konkin of Whole Way House, an organization that provides support to vulnerable seniors in Vancouver

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Alberta NEWS

COVID-19: More calls for additional health measures in Alberta’s continuing care homes

As Alberta reports a rise in the number of COVID-19 outbreaks at continuing care facilities and assisted living homes, there are increasing calls for additional health measures to be implemented.

Since Oct. 26, Alberta has seen a stark rise in outbreaks at care facilities. About 70 per cent of all deaths from COVID-19 in the province have been linked to them.

At Carewest George Boyack in Calgary, the facility is grappling with its outbreak status. There are currently four active cases, and a total of 28 people (16 residents and 12 staff) have tested positive for COVID-19. The cases were reported on the third and four floors, according to Alberta Health Services, which owns Carewest. There are currently no active cases on the fourth floor, as of Friday.

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World NEWS

Report: Belgian nursing homes failed patients amid pandemic

Belgian authorities “abandoned” thousands of elderly people who died in nursing homes during the coronavirus pandemic and did not seek hospital treatment for many who were infected, violating their human rights, Amnesty International said in an investigation published Monday.

One of the hardest-hit countries in Europe, Belgium has reported more than 531,000 confirmed virus cases and more than 14,400 deaths linked to the coronavirus. During the first wave of the pandemic last spring, the European nation of 11.5 million people recorded a majority of its COVID-19-related deaths in nursing homes.

Between March and October, Amnesty International said “a staggering” 61.3% of all COVID-19 deaths in Belgium took place in nursing homes. The group said authorities weren’t quick enough in implementing measures to protect nursing home residents and staff during this period, failing to protect their human rights.

Amnesty International said one of the reasons so many people died in nursing homes is because infected residents weren’t transferred to hospitals to receive treatment.

“The results of our investigation allow us to affirm that (care homes) and their residents were abandoned by our authorities until this tragedy was publicly denounced and the worst of the first phase of the pandemic was over,” said Philippe Hensmans, the director of Amnesty International Belgium.

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