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It’s beyond anything I could comprehend ever happening. It just baffles me that somebody would do this. You’ve exposed staff that are working their butts off to care for our family. There’s probably 300 to 400 people in there. To knowingly go in there and do something reckless like that – I don’t even have words for it.”

John McGrath, whose mother lives at the building where a deliberate COVID-19 exposure by another visitor to AgeCare Seton in Calgary
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Infection Prevention and Control for Long-Term Care Homes

Public Health Ontario

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Canada News:

Public sector union pressuring PSP to ‘pull out’ of all long-term care investments

The Public Service Alliance of Canada is reiterating a call for its pension investment manager to divest its ownership in Revera Inc. over the company’s safety record during the coronavirus pandemic, saying the fund should “pull out of the business of long-term care” altogether.

The public sector union, which represents 140,000 public sector pension plan members, first said in May that for-profit long-term care homes run by Revera should no longer be wholly owned by the Public Sector Pension Investment Board. Instead, the union says the homes should be managed by the public sector in order to protect both residents and pension funds.

After outbreaks at several of its facilities earlier this year, Revera on Monday released a report on how it had handled the first wave of the pandemic. The findings included shortcomings from public health officials, doctors, hospitals and workforce shortages as some of the reasons the novel coronavirus spread in its homes.

Calling the report a “slick corporate public relations exercise,”Chris Aylward, PSAC’s national president, said his members remain concerned by their pension plan’s ownership of Revera and “reiterate their call for the federal government to facilitate the transition of Revera to public hands as a first step toward a national, fully publicly-funded long-term care system.”

Revera has 74 long-term care homes with about 9,400 residents across four provinces. Between March and September, the novel coronavirus infected 874 Revera residents and killed 266 and the company has reported several additional outbreaks this fall. Since September, more than 40 Revera homes have reported outbreaks, according to its website. Revera’s focus is “squarely on caring for our residents and containing the spread of the virus,” said Revera vice-president of corporate affairs Susan Schutta.

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Real-time COVID-19 detection in wastewater from long-term care homes

The goal of the partnership between Mantech and Waterloo is to develop a technology to manufacture smart hybrid water sensors for current and future disease prediction and detection. This technology will have an invaluable impact on human health research efforts to contain the COVID-19 and possible future pandemic spread, and put Ontario and Canada far ahead of similar efforts worldwide.

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Making Healthcare More Accessible in Long Term Care Facilities through a Robotic Platform

COVID-19 has introduced significant challenges to healthcare systems and caregivers to provide quality care to older adults and adults with developmental disabilities (DD) living in long-term care facilities (LTCFs).

As a result, regular doctor visits are limited, and demand for caregivers is on the rise. Utilizing a Collaborative Service Robot (CSR) technology within a LTCF can improve accessibility to healthcare by providing a medium for the residents to connect to healthcare professionals on demand and simultaneously reduce the risk of transferring infection. The ultimate goal of this project is to develop a CSR that assists seniors or adults with DD and their caregivers in LTCFs.

The premise of this project is to integrate a telehealth application into the CSR prototype and to design and develop user-friendly human robot interactions (HRIs) for the LTCF residents to provide a seamless and secure communication medium.

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World News

Europe battles surge in coronavirus deaths in nursing homes

As the two mortuary workers pushed a stretcher with a bagged corpse out of the room, the elderly man in the adjacent bed briefly awakened from his dementia. “Is he dead?” he muttered, extending his arm, trying to touch his roommate for the last time.

Reflecting on a scene repeated too many times, one of the workers, Manel Rivera, despaired at the growing number of elderly people dying as the coronavirus resurges.

“The sad thing is,” he said of the surviving man in the Barcelona nursing home, “in a few days we’ll probably come back for him.”

Mortuary workers are again busy around-the-clock in nursing homes and hospices across Europe, amid outbreaks that this time are causing havoc mostly in facilities spared during the spring. In the U.S., patients in nursing homes and long-term care facilities and those who care for them have accounted for a staggering 39% of the country’s 281,000 coronavirus deaths.

The surge in Europe is happening despite the retaining wall of measures erected since the spring, including facilities tailored only for residents with coronavirus. It’s also pitching authorities and elder care professionals into a race against the clock before mass vaccinations can begin.

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