PUBLIC INTEREST ALBERTA: TAKE ACTION: The UCP is silencing its critics and we need your help

These are dark days for our province. 

Since the UCP took power, they have been relentless and single-minded in their pursuit of their market ideology – to gut our public services and hand them over to their corporate friends, all while offering the CEOs and corporate shareholders tax cuts at huge expense to the rest of us. 

Not even a global pandemic can slow them down. From the largest mass layoff in Alberta history in the education sector, to the privatization of over 11,000 union jobs in our health care system, it seems like nothing can stop them from enacting their corporatist agenda. 

The UCP knows their cuts are unpopular. They know Albertans value their public services and want a rich life full of opportunity and dignity for all. And rather than changing course or reversing any of their decisions, they are repressing dissent and silencing their critics through Bill 32, which limits many organizations’ ability to advocate for our public services and for working Albertans. 

This is not only an attack on civil society, but on democracy as a whole. 

Public Interest Alberta is in grave danger with these restrictive regulations, particularly the limit on union political spending. Our work is supported in large part by these organizations who see the value in our advocacy.

Our public services form the basis of a life where everyone in our province can thrive. Our mission today and for the last 15 years has been to protect and strengthen these services – from advocating for schools with improved classroom conditions which respond to the unique needs of our students, to agitating for lives of dignity for Alberta’s senior citizens, to working towards a future where every family who needs it can access affordable, high-quality child care to help their children flourish.

Will you join us in the fight to protect our democracy and stand up to the regressive UCP policy agenda of relentless attacks on our public services? 

Here are some recent personal highlights which demonstrate the value of our work over the last 12 months:  

  • The People’s Bus: We brought the fight for seniors and health care right to Health Minister Shandro’s doorstep, picking up allies and supporters in Edmonton, Red Deer, and Calgary to inform his constituents about the cuts he has made to our health care system.
  • Protect Public Education from the Market Agenda: In response to yet another “consultation” with the public to reach a foregone conclusion, we put together a backgrounder which explored the effects of the market fundamentalist ideology of competition and fragmentation in our public K-12 education system. 
  • Child Poverty Campaign: We launched a digital campaign to inform Albertans that a shocking 164,000 children live in poverty in our province today.   

We can’t do our work without supporters like you. We have powerful campaigns and necessary projects planned for the next year which are being threatened by this anti-democratic legislation from the provincial government. 

Can we count on you to donate? What we really need now as we face an uncertain future is monthly contributors, but one-time donations of any size are greatly appreciated! You also have the option of becoming a yearly member

We know times are tough. Whether or not you can give – thank you for being a part of Public Interest Alberta. It really means the world to us when you share our newsletters, re-post our campaigns, sign our petitions, or join us at our events. We couldn’t do the work we do without people like you who care deeply about creating a better Alberta for all. 

Happy holidays and all the best from our small (but mighty) team of three staff members, 

Joel French, Executive Director of Public Interest Alberta