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When the pandemic broke, we knew already that this vulnerable population of family caregivers was at risk.

Dr. Jasneet Parmar, an associate professor at the University of Alberta’s Department of Family Medicine.
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1 In 3 Canadian Seniors May Refuse The Vaccine. My Grandma Is 1 Of Them.

Like many elderly folks vulnerable to disinformation, her newfound views came from a trusted family member.

“Well, I heard that those scientists and doctors are just guessing! They don’t know what they’re doing yet! Who knows what they’ll put in you with that injection.”

That’s my beloved grandmother, who is nearly 95 years old. She lives in a retirement home and had always followed the advice of her doctors. When her doctor told her to take two 30-minute walks every day, she laced up. She was diligent in her cataract aftercare routine, no matter the discomfort it caused. And she had always stayed up to date on flu shots and other recommended vaccinations. 

But recently, she told me that she plans to turn down the COVID-19 vaccine.

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B.C. reveals age-based plan to vaccinate general public by September

Plan covers roughly 4.3 million eligible British Columbians

B.C. plans to immunize more than 4 million members of the general public against COVID-19 by September, vaccinating the high-risk and most elderly populations by April before reaching younger adults in the summer.

The province revealed its vaccine plan in greater detail on Friday, setting out a rough idea of when the population can expect to be vaccinated.

The proposed schedule is split into four phases:

Phase 1, December to February: Residents, staff, essential visitors with long-term care and assisted living; people waiting for long-term care; people in remote Indigenous communities and hospital workers caring for patients with COVID-19.

Phase 2, February to March: Seniors over 80; Indigenous seniors over 65, Indigenous elders; more health-care workers; vulnerable populations and nursing-home staff.

Phase 3, April to June: Members of the general public aged 60 to 79.

Phase 4, July to September: Members of the general public aged 18 to 59.

B.C. is currently in Phase 1.

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Seniors living independently feel ‘forgotten’ as others prioritized for COVID-19 vaccines

Dr. Samir Sinha’s phone rang on Saturday, as he said it often does these days. This time, the patient calling was a 90-year-old Holocaust survivor.“[He] called me on Saturday begging me, begging me to find him a vaccine sooner rather than later. He’s been locked in his house for an entire year,” Sinha, who serves as the director of geriatrics at Mount Sinai Hospital, said in an interview with Global News.

“He’s tired of this and he’s worried. And he said, ‘don’t you know that I have a high risk of dying if I get COVID?’ And I said, ‘absolutely, you’re preaching to the choir here.’”

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