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the province’s second wave pandemic response was a “disaster” brought about by successive provincial governments ignoring “red flags, pleas and horror stories. This report shows why Manitoba desperately needs an independent seniors advocate and a new model for caring for seniors in our province,

Manitoba Liberal leader Dougald Lamont 
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Physicians say COVID-19 vaccines both safe, protective for elderly Canadians. Here’s what seniors need to know

Physicians say full vaccination safe, protective against illness that has killed hundreds of Canadian seniors

In mid-January, an unsettling report from Norway suggested 23 frail, elderly patients had all died after receiving a dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

The finding made headlines around the world.

Meanwhile, here in Canada, there have been instances of coronavirus infections and deaths in the midst of initial vaccination efforts targeting residents of long-term care. 

A home in Saskatoon where the vast majority of residents had received their first vaccine dose later reported seven cases of COVID-19. And a facility in Barrie, Ont., is in the grips of a facility-wide outbreak that has caused dozens of deaths due to a fast-spreading virus variant — even as public health officials raced to fully vaccinate all the residents while the outbreak progressed.

But in all these instances of seniors falling ill or dying after receiving at least one dose, dire-sounding headlines don’t tell the whole story, experts say.

“Just because somebody died after receiving the COVID vaccine does not mean the COVID vaccine caused the death,” said Dr. Noni MacDonald, a researcher focused on vaccine safety who is also a professor at Dalhousie University’s department of pediatrics in Halifax.

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Calgary Seniors’ Resource Society puts call out for volunteer drivers

Jan Myhre has volunteered all throughout her adult life.

“I don’t do it because I get so much back, but you do. When you give of your time, you just can’t help but get more back,” said Myhre, whose latest venture into volunteerism has her spending two or three days a week driving seniors to their essential medical appointments for the Calgary Seniors’ Resource Society.

Robert Palmer started volunteering with Calgary Seniors about a year ago.

“It’s very rewarding because the seniors are very friendly and appreciative and it’s, it’s just fun,” said Palmer, who at 82 is also a senior.

“After my wife died, I was looking for some way of giving back to the community and I managed to find Calgary Seniors and it was just what I was looking for.”

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