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As you know, about two-thirds of deaths from COVID-19 in Alberta have occurred in those settings and we are very happy to see that since the vaccines began in long-term care centres that the number of infections, of outbreaks, of hospitalizations and of fatalities coming from long-term care has fallen dramatically,”

Jason Kenney Alberta Premiere
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COVID-19: Alberta seniors 75 and older can start booking COVID vaccine appointments Feb. 24
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Many seniors struggle with loneliness. The pandemic has only made it worse

Maria Sardelis moved into a retirement home in Ottawa last October to take care of her 98-year-old mother.

Her mother was diagnosed with COVID-19 and for two weeks, Sardelis would take her blood pressure, feed her and give her medication left by the door. 

With Sardelis taking on the role of a nurse, other residents and staff were less likely to get infected, she says.

“What would happen if I wasn’t (there)? What’s happening to all those other people that don’t have someone?” she says. 

Seniors were lonely long before the COVID-19 pandemic, experts say, but isolation and ageism may have exacerbated the problem. 

The pandemic now means seniors can’t connect with friends or family members, whether that be seniors in independent living situations or in care facilities. 

“While we are so busy trying to protect (seniors) from COVID(-19), they might end up dying of isolation and loneliness,” Dr. Samir Sinha, the director of Health Policy Research for the National Institute on Ageing, previously told Global News. 

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Alberta health care aide steps in as hairstylist for seniors

A health care worker is tapping in to the power of a good hairstyle.

Rommel Arguelles is a health care aide at Covenant Health’s Youville Home in St. Albert. He works on Unit 5, helping residents with daily activities like getting dressed, eating and bathing.

However, on top of his regular work roles, Arguelles is also acting as part glam squad for residents. Many living facilities have restricted visitors due to COVID-19, so hairdressers are not able to enter.

“I’m not cutting their hair, but I’ll brush their hair, comb it out. Maybe do a ponytail or a braid,” he explained.

One resident, Inge Small, is a former hairdresser, but she prefers to have Arguelles style her hair.

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