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We have lots of safety data, which is really important. It’s the efficacy data that we’re now nitpicking over and trying to find what’s the best one that’s going to provide the best protection in each of our populations. And if there’s a suggestion that one vaccine may provide less protection in our elderly population or in our seniors, we want to optimize that the best we can.

Dr. Vanessa Meier-Stephenson Infectious disease expert Alberta seniors won’t receive AstraZeneca vaccine following new recommendations
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Safeguarding Seniors in Long-Term Care

Contradictions in vaccines for Canadian seniors

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We have blood on our hands. We have a senicide of seniors and we’re seeing it still happen again. We haven’t learned the lessons. When you know that older people are dying and you refuse to give the measures required to save them. There’s nothing else to call it but a senicide.”

Lawyer and seniors’ advocate Laura Tamblyn Watts


Not just ‘knitting and bingo’: Here’s how phone-based senior connections took off during the pandemic

Nearly one year into the pandemic, some seniors centres who moved social programs online or to telephone-based models say they’ll never fully go back.

“It’s been amazing the possibility online opened up,” said Rachel Tassone, life enrichment manager for SAGE seniors association.

She’s had a mother and daughter join a singalong from opposite sides of the country. She dialled in another woman who lives alone and lost her eyesight. Husbands who wouldn’t set foot in a seniors centre pre-pandemic joined exercise class, she said. “I just can’t see us ever going back to in-person (completely).”

Many seniors centres started similar groups, accessible by landline or cellphone. The Seniors Centre Without Walls by the South Side Primary Care Network has the most experience. They’ve been running a telephone-based centre for five years, and recently partnered with La Fédération Des Aînés Francoalbertains (780-465-8965) and The Calgary Chinese Elderly Citizens’ Association (403-269-6122) for new language options.

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Alberta Health Services brags about making list of world’s best hospitals; it did not

Alberta Health Services (AHS) officials took to Twitter earlier this week to show off a big accomplishment. 

“Eight Alberta hospitals have been included on Newsweek’s list of the World’s Best Hospitals,” an AHS Tweet read.

The only problem is…they were not.

Eight Alberta hospitals did make Canada’s list on Newsweek for 2021. The top one being Calgary’s Rockyview General Hospital, which came in at number seven.

But when you click over to Newsweek’s list of World’s Best Hospitals 2021 – Top 200 Global there isn’t a single Alberta hospital to be found.

CTV News Edmonton reached out to AHS Wednesday to clarify the information and received a written response Friday. 

“I think the problem is that we were told about making the list, but weren’t initially told what list we were on (it was all pitched as the global list),” AHS spokesperson Kerry Williamson wrote. 

It seems the proverbial genie may have already been out of the bottle though. Thursday night, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney also took to Twitter to tell his followers about the achievement.

“Glad to see eight of Alberta’s major hospitals rank in a list of the world’s best,” Kenney tweeted. “In Budget 2021, we’ve committed to a historic level of health care funding to help protect both lives and livelihoods.”

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